5 Tips for Successful Team Task Management in a Hybrid Model

Published: November 19, 2020

The hybrid workplace model is the way forward. In a survey conducted by Salesforce, 33% of millennials and 43% of GenZ want to split their work time between home and office. Due to the pandemic, there are thousands of team leaders and managers across the globe who now have to oversee distributed teams. This can be difficult, especially as most of us didn’t have the time to prepare. If you are one of them, this list of team task management tips will help set you up and drive your team to success. 

  • Check-in Daily 

Conduct face-to-face video meetings regularly. Phone conversations and messages can only go so far. Your team needs to see you and you need to see your team. Leverage apps like Zoom and Google Meet to achieve the same. Daily check-ins should be a part of your team task management. And the purpose should be simple- set the agenda and provide feedback your team needs to succeed. 

  • Communicate, A LOT 

The chart above indicates that communication and the feeling of isolation are the biggest challenges for remote workers. Use free communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Team, and WorkInSync to keep your team connected. Conduct regular one-on-one sessions to comprehend their mental state. Remember, it is easy to communicate with the employees visiting the office. But for those working from home, constant communication is the key to managing them.

  • Provide the Right Resources  

If you suddenly have a group of people working remotely, you need to ensure that they have access to the right technology. This may include laptops, software, and even a high-speed internet connection. It’s incorrect to assume that everyone has access to a proper home workstation. As a manager, it is your responsibility to help them build one. 

  • Be Flexible 

You need to understand, under the current circumstances, your team probably has a lot going on. This doesn’t excuse not working, but it is a reason to reconsider what productivity really means. Punching a clock for eight hours is gone. Regular work hours are also not viable for many. Trust your team and give the freedom and flexibility to get work done on a schedule that allows them to be productive. Be flexible with your team task management and witness it prosper in the long-run. 

  • Focus on Outcome, Not the Process 

It’s almost impossible to manage every aspect of a hybrid team. For what’s worth, you cannot micromanage a team that is distributed across various locations. Instead of focusing on the number of login hours, focus on the outcome. Define the scope, deliverables, and deadlines of each task your team is working on. This will help you keep your sanity while also increasing your team’s performance. 

To Add It Up 

The uncertainties provided by COVID-19 have changed the way we work. While developing new policies to accommodate a seamless hybrid workplace model will take some time,  you need to start making changes right now to ensure proper team task management

WorkInSync’s Team Planner is one of the best team management software available. From getting visibility on your team’s well-being to getting clarity on schedules, from preferred work location to the resources required, the team management app amalgamates it all. 

Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind and by leveraging the Team Planner module, you can drive your team to success. To get a free demo, write to us at hello@workinsync.io  

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