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Make the World your Workplace

  • Plan

    Streamline your operations with tools like Team planner, Team Notification Console, Attendance Management and Centralized Dashboard.
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  • Assist

    Provide necessary support for your employees whether they are in office or working from home.
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  • Collaborate

    Empower your employees and teams with the tools to collaborate with each other seamlessly from anywhere in the world.Learn More

  • Protect

    Safeguard your employees and office space with tools designed to maintain health and social distancing protocols.
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Creating a Safe and Seamless Workspace

Work from Office

Key Features

  • Desk Booking
  • Employee Eligibility Identification
  • Contactless Access Management
  • Floor Occupancy Scanner
  • Mask Compliance Detector
  • Employee Transport

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Work from Home

Key Features

  • Team planner
  • Team Notification Console
  • Attendance Management
  • Centralized Dashboard

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What our Customers Say


Paul Dupuis

Managing Director & CEO, Randstad India

“Never has purpose been more important than right here, right now.”
Randstad India is testing the new world of work, one where there would be far fewer people on the office floor than what used to be the norm in pre-pandemic months. For its test run early in February, we asked the company’s senior leaders to report to work using this app to manage the company’s workflow. Employees wanting to be in the office have to seek permission and reserve a desk through the app; a QR code that gets generated has to be scanned at the point of entry. We wanted to test the technology and the logistics. It went well. Leaders came back to the office after over 300 days. It was quite a moment!


Vandana Tilwani

Chief Human Resources Officer, Havas Group India

“We introduced the WorkInSync app last year when we partially reopened the offices and found the touch-free process extremely useful as it meant doing away with manual thermal screening and long queues at the entrance. The feature of booking your seat allows us to monitor staff movement on a daily basis, especially since the deactivation of the biometric system as a safety measure during the lockdown. We’re extremely happy with this investment.”


Manjunath Sharma

Director – Sourcing, Procurement & Vendor Management, Hudson’s Bay Company

“The organization lives the commitment they promise and the module is quite flexible and focuses on employee experience. The WorkInSync team is also filled with active and vibrant professionals which makes the journey very smooth. They have a great approach and the patience to understand and try out different possibilities which makes them the best and the most unique in this industry. Compared to other products, organization, and service-oriented approaches, this organization and management always goes the extra mile to provide value and add a ‘WOW’ factor.”


A Recognized Leader for Hybrid Workplace Solutions

WorkInSync is a recognized leader for easy-to-use hybrid workplace solutions. We are proud to be recognized for the transformative value we add to our clients.


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