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Workplace Technology

Powering Microsoft Teams Bot Using Dialogflow

WorkinSync is an emerging leader in Flexible workspace management. Given our “Employee First” ap . . .

March 09, 2021
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Hybrid Workplace

How to Create a Digitized Hybrid Workplace in 2021?

As the world slowly adjusts to the post-pandemic new normal, green shoots of economic recovery are e . . .

March 08, 2021
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Return to Office

Transitioning from Work from Home to Work from Office

In the past few months, most of us have faced extended workdays, Zoom fatigue, blurring lines betwee . . .

February 09, 2021
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Hybrid Workplace

5 Hybrid Work Challenges & Tips to Fix Them

Even before COVID-19 pushed companies to adopt remote work, employees were working from home. As loc . . .

February 04, 2021
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Return to Office

How to Reopen Offices Safely Post the Pandemic

A workplace study released by Louis Carter and the Best Practice Institute (BPI) says 83% of CEOs wa . . .

February 01, 2021
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What is Hoteling? Understanding the Concept

Hoteling was first introduced into conventional workspaces in the 1990s. It was first adopted by com . . .

December 23, 2020
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