Why is HSBC’s CEO Relinquishing His Work Desk?

Posted on May 21, 2021 by wis_wp

Noel Quin, CEO of HSBC, and other senior managers have been asked to relinquish their work desk at its Canary Wharf Head Office. Before you think that this is a ‘fall from grace’ moment, let us confirm that it is not. HSBC has decided to join the latest hot desking trend. The finance giant has decided to reuse the entire executive floor into client meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. 

Quin told Financial Times that space was almost always half empty since senior folks were traveling for work, which in real-estate terms was a waste. He also mentioned that as of now, he wouldn’t be in the office all five days since “it’s unnecessary” and “the new reality of life.” 

The Bank plans to reduce its real estate footprint by 40% and isn’t going to be renewing a number of its leases due in the coming three to five years. Quin also mentioned that they would be enforcing two employees per desk policy, excluding branches. 

But, wait, what is hot desking? 

Hot desking is a method of workspace management derived from a 16th-century practice on ships known as ‘hot bunking, where sailors would use the bunk that was available to sleep in. In an office, using hot desking, the employees are not assigned a desk but given the ability to choose from whichever desks are available at the time. 

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Why are companies like HSBC adopting hot desking?

The answer to that is quite simple- Cost Saving, especially in this post-pandemic work era where most companies provide employees with the flexibility to work from home or office. Recent statistics show that most employees have said that they would like to split their time between the office and home. 

Even before the pandemic, office spaces were grossly underutilized. A study showed that in 2018, 37% of workplaces were empty during any given workday, which was approximately

$150 billion in unused space. With hot desking, organizations can maximize their space usage and cut down on unused office costs, saving a large amount of money.

How can WorkInSync help you?

To successfully implement hot desking in your workplace will require a robust technology solution. Trying to manage hot desking manually can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With WorkInSync’s hot desking feature, employees can book their preferred desk on an easy-to-use mobile app. The app also comes loaded with features such as:

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What does CDC’s Face Mask Compliance Mean for Your Company?

Posted on May 19, 2021 by wis_wp

Over the last year, our stepping-out-of-the-house checklist has come to accommodate face masks along with the usual  ‘phone, wallet and keys’ routine. Some of us have even adapted to a point where not having a mask on in public makes us anxious. So, last Thursday, when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced that fully vaccinated people could go out without masks, confusion was high. However, these new Face Mask Compliance guidelines have thrown state and local officials, even private companies struggling to decide on their own policies. 

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Vaccination Rate across the USA (as of 16th May 2021)

Face Mask Compliance

(Source: Our World In Data)

We are here to break it down for you and to help you make the right decisions for your workplace. Let’s start with some general questions you might have. 

Do the new guidelines mean that we don’t need to wear masks anymore? 

No. According to the face mask compliance guidance, only fully vaccinated people (who have gotten their final booster shot at least 2 weeks ago) are not required to wear a mask outdoors and in most indoor settings. Of course, this comes with limitations. Even fully vaccinated people need to mask up while they are in hospitals, public transport, or any place where there are large gatherings in closed quarters. 

Wait, so do I listen to the local mask mandate or the CDC advice?

The CDC’s guidance does not supplant your local government’s mask mandate. However, some states like Kentucky and Illinois have already started tweaking their rules to be in line with federal guidance. Whereas, other states such as Kansas, Wichita, and New York State have stated that they are reviewing the new guidelines and are still considering their next move. 

Who is ensuring compliance with this new guideline?

With this announcement, the CDC has put the responsibility of face mask compliance on the citizens themselves. Whether you’re wearing a mask or not is based on the honor system. That’s right, it’s up to us to make sure that we are responsible and wear our masks, as and when required. 

It may cause you a headache when it comes to enforcing mask-related policies at the office. To avoid this confusion and uncertainty, here are a few things you could do to keep your workplace safe: 

These are just a few things you need to do to make sure you stay on top of this situation. From a management perspective, it would be much easier to enforce face mask compliance by having everyone wear their masks. But, as a business leader, you know that nothing comes easy. For now, stay tuned in to every new piece of information coming in and focus on keeping your employees safe. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to implement the new mask policy at a workplace, write to us at hello@workinsync.io

WorkInSync is dedicated to ensuring employee safety. We have incorporated face mask compliance features that will enable easier management of office safety protocols. To learn more, schedule a demo with us.

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