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Hotelling &

Hot Desking

WorkInSync supports hoteling, ensuring that certain desks are available for booking by your employees for an extended time. We also offer hot desking that allows your employees to reserve desks on a first-come, first-basis.


Office Neighborhoods

Block designated areas in your office for particular teams. This enables team members to sit together and collaborate better when they are in the office. You can also assign desks or private cabins for senior management permanently.


Your Colleagues

Let your employees search for colleagues on the interactive floor plans and book a desk near them with WorkInSync’s desk booking solution. Align the amenities available with each desk to ensure that employees have access to everything they need.


Ghost Reservation

WorkInSync’s desk booking solution allows auto-cancellation of ghost reservations. When employees reserve a desk but do not check-in within a stipulated time, those desks can be released automatically for other employees to book.


Analytics & Reports

Improve your office space utilization with comprehensive analytics and reports. Know how the desks are being utilized to plan an efficient hybrid workplace. You can also track where your employees are sitting for the day.

Ease of


WorkInSync’s intuitive desk booking solution can be used by employees to find and reserve desks from a web browser, from their Android or iOS smart phones, and using Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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WorkInSync is recommended by Industry Experts and users alike.

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