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WorkInSync’s facility management software supports hot desking and hoteling, creating neighborhoods for teams, and permanently assigning desks to eligible employees.


Office Amenities

With WorkInSync’s facility management software, manage amenities available at desks and rooms in your offices. Assign amenities to the right workspaces and take them offline if they are not functional.


Conference Rooms

WorkInSync’s facility management software enables the management of conference rooms and other agile workspaces. Employees can filter the rooms based on location, amenities available, or capacity and reserve them on the go.



Enable employees to view the real-time availability of parking spaces in the office with WorkInSync’s facility management software. They can reserve a space from an interactive parking grid available on their web and mobile devices.


Analytics & Report

WorkInSync’s comprehensive real-time dashboards and reports give insights into how desks, conference rooms, and parking slots are utilized and enable to plan future space needs.

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WorkInSync is recommended by Industry Experts and users alike.

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