WorkInSync Meeting Room Booking Software

A Simple & Smart Way to Manage Meeting Rooms in the Office

WorkInSync empowers employees to find and reserve meeting rooms whenever they want. Admins can manage meeting spaces, view occupancy, floor plans, amenities, and download utilization reports.

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Reserve Conference Rooms

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking solution allows your employees to search and reserve available conference rooms. Employees can filter the rooms based on location, amenities available or the capacity.

Sync with Calenders

We have a bi-directional integration with Google Calendar and Outlook. Any room reserved or canceled on WorkInSync will show up on the calendar and vice versa.

Release Ghost Booking

WorkInSync’s meeting room booking solution auto-cancels ghost bookings. Meeting rooms booked by employees who don't check-in within a stipulated time will be canceled and automatically made available for others to book.

Book with Meeting KIOSKS

WorkInSync’s meeting kiosks provide employees with booking details and schedules for that particular room. The meeting kiosks are installed outside every meeting room, and can be used to book a meeting space as well.

Analytics & Reports

Find out how the meeting rooms are being utilized in the office with WorkInSync. Get a consolidated view of the meeting room usage with utilization analytics. Download the reports for quick reference.

Manage Open Office Space

WorkInSync’s meeting room feature can be used to manage other spaces in your workplace such as open collaboration areas, and phone booths.


What Users Say About WorkInSync’s Meeting Room Booking Software

Learn what the employees of 200+ organizations across 20+ countries have to say about WorkInSync’s meeting room booking software.

"The best meeting room booking software"

What do you like best?

We have more than 15 meeting rooms in the office, and honestly, managing them was a hassle. WorkinSync has made it easy to keep everything on track. The Implementation also took just 3 weeks. The team was very helpful and mindful of all of our needs.

"Excellent Application to view everything that is happening in the office"

What do you like best?

WorkInSync is very easy to use and I think that this is what makes it so well-adopted and loved. Our employees love this app because it packs a punch. For me, it gives me all the information I need in one place. The cost of the software is also affordable, making it one of the best in the industry in my opinion.

"Easy integration of meeting rooms with existing calendar and excellent support."

What do you like best?

All I need to do is enter the names of the people who will be attending the meeting with me. WorkinSync sends out a notification to all of them at once. Also, it gives information like the room booked, time of the meeting, etc. Their service too is something appreciable.

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