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Automate Your Workspace & Worry Less
with Our Space Management Software

Automate Your Workspace & Worry Less with Our Space Management Software

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Manage Your Office Space Portfolio

Managing a hybrid workplace can be difficult. The demand for office space can fluctuate regularly. With our space management software, you can browse different locations in your office and keep track of the space required. You can also view real-time space utilization data to standardize the requirements.

space management software

Simplify the Booking Process for New Spaces

Managing the requirement for booking spaces can be a challenge in a hybrid workplace, be it a desk or a meeting room. WorkInSync’s space management software takes care of the booking process for new spaces efficiently. Employees can create and manage bookings, whereas managers can get a holistic view. You can sync the space requirement with amenities as well.

space management software

Sync The Amenities Required with the Booked Spaces

Employees are attending a meeting and need a projector. But it isn’t available, causing potential hindrances to the meeting. You can prevent such situations by implementing our space management solution. Allocate amenities to each desk and meeting room, and sync them with the bookings made. You can fulfill demands by automating the entire process.

space management software

Analyze the Space Utilization Data

Whether trying to follow social distancing protocols or limit floor occupancy, you need to know how to manage your office space better. Our space management software gives you a clear picture of the space being utilized in the office. You can keep an eye on the desk, meeting room, and floor occupancy with a centralized dashboard. You can also download the reports for your convenience.

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Management Software In Action

Watch Our Space Management Software In Action

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