Employee Experience Improves with Parking Management

Published: May 4, 2022

Enhanced office parking can translate to better employee experience. And parking management software is the fix you need. This blog explores how parking management software is essential to improve employee experience. 

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One reason employees want to stay home and work is the parking woes. 

Imagine spending hours stuck in traffic to reach work, only to wait in a long queue outside the parking lot. Your employees are likely to feel frustrated and start the day on a wrong note. It does not bode well for the employee experience. 

Yes, a satisfactory parking experience births a good employee experience, especially for the post-pandemic employees who gave up remote work reluctantly. From finding a parking space to exiting, the commute to work should be seamless. But how do you ensure that? 

Well, parking management software may have the answer.

Why Parking Management Software is Vital for Better Employee Experience?  

In the “War for Talent,” employee experience can become a successful talent magnet. And at work, a highly effective way to earn employee loyalty and bring down attrition. 

Every employee touchpoint has to be meaningful. So your staff will feel more fulfilled in their roles and find purpose with the company. Parking automation via software is just one way of doing it. 

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Because the Pandemic is Still On

Since the new normal has been set, employees have become wary of public transits. Who knows what variant will lock us up at home again? 

The pandemic has not just changed the way we work. But also the way we travel to work. Personal mobility has become a preferred option for office returns today. As a result, the employee demands for safe parking have increased tenfold. 

It is also affecting the employee experience and retention more than organizations realize. So, if you plan to bring back employees anytime soon or want to offer fluid parking for a hybrid workforce, smart parking is the key to unlocking efficiency.  

  • Employees can access the software from any device and book a spot in advance. They will have access to live parking data for spot-finding, so there is no overcrowding. Likewise, they will have the option to cancel and free up the parking space for others.
  • To enter or exit the facility, employees will only need to scan a code at the barriers for access. They do not need to interact with the staff or other employees. This makes the entire process contactless and safe, essential for the post-pandemic employee experience.
  • Less parking hassles will automatically lead to more satisfactory employee experiences. 


Because Easy-to-Access Parking is Speedy Parking

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Easy-to-access parking ensures your employees do not come to the office (or go back home) frustrated. And as you may know, happier employees are highly efficient. 

With the entire parking experience automated, your employees do not have to waste time driving around in circles. Drivers are likely to spend 33% less time searching for a spot with parking management software. 

They can easily enter the lot using a smartphone, go directly to their booked spot, park safely, and exit just as quickly. This saves them both time and fuel costs, resulting in a better employee experience. 

Because Employee Experience should be Consistent for All

Not everyone will come to work at the same time every day. With flexible and shift-based work, you will have to accommodate employees’ dynamic parking needs, whether they come in at 9 am or 1 pm. Or else your employee experience will suffer. 

To state simply, every employee’s experience will differ in the new normal. But if every touchpoint is automated to offer a smooth experience, including parking, you can offer a unified employee experience to remember. 

And this is important because only 13% of the employees are delighted with their experience. The rest are looking for better options before submitting their two weeks notice.

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How to Improve Employee Experience with Parking Management Software?

a. Understand Employee Parking Needs for Improved Employee Experience 

To begin with, understand how employees occupy the current parking space and what type of parking needs they have. Do they desire a specific spot? Does the space cater well to vehicles other than cars? You should know the answers to such questions before deploying the software. 

After all, how the process goes will ultimately define the employee experience. And if they want to continue office-based work. 

The parking management software can act as a keen pair of eyes in such a scenario. You can collect parking data in real-time to assess the average occupancy rate and optimize the space for the expected demand. So, there will be no trial or error. 

Besides, your parking facility will not be used to its total capacity if you have a hybrid workforce. Based on the occupancy rate and idle spots in your facility, you can also lease or rent out a spot to people with parking needs and earn extra income. This way, you can ensure a quality employee experience and boost revenue at the same time.  

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b. Block Specific Spots for Specific Teams 

While parking management software makes finding and booking a spot simple for all, you can go a step ahead to elevate the employee experience. 

If your company has different teams or departments working in-office daily, block specific spots for them. Employees will commute to work stress-free with a designated spot, knowing they will get a spot for sure. 

Moreover, you should divide specific spaces for staff with special needs. Like pregnant and disabled employees, visitors, or couriers. Mark them with proper signage and directions for easy access. This will improve the employee experience, as employees will feel valued and included. 

c. Track Data & Adjust to Ensure Better Employee Experience 

parking management software

Finally, remember employee experience is always a work in progress. You will need to adjust parking policies as employee needs change. And parking management software can help you do just that.

It can provide you with real-time occupancy data and analytic reports. Use the insights to understand traffic flow (foot and vehicle), demand patterns, and underutilized spaces. They can help you adapt and manage the lot optimally.

As a result, you can offer your employees contactless access, better security, and improved employee experience for their parking needs.

To Conclude

Staff parking may not seem critical for employee experience. But as discussed above, that is not the case. To ensure your employees have access to a safe and efficient parking lot, you should adopt parking management software soon. 

WorkInSync’s parking management software ticks all the boxes. It is incredibly user-friendly and offers real-time visibility of the lot. Your employees can book a spot in advance. No long queues, no congestion! 

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