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Is the Hybrid Work Model a Sustainable Alternative?

Original Airdate: July 22nd, 2021

Duration: 45 minutes

Lisa Whited, Senior Associate at Advanced Workplace Associates, and Deepesh Agarwal, CEO, MoveInSync & WorkInSync, join forces in this webinar to discuss whether the hybrid work model is a sustainable alternative for the future. 

“Hybrid working is a great way to improve the missing links in our existing workplaces,” said Lisa when highlighting the need for a hybrid work model. She also quoted that even as we romanticize the concept of our old workplaces, a hybrid work model is a great way to address the current frustrations and fix them. Be it real-estate or flexibility, adopting a hybrid work model can be the answer to our existing problems. 

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Hybrid Work Model: The Power of Flexibility

“63% of people believe that hybrid is about when and where they work. It is about having the flexibility of choice,” said Lisa. Most employers are navigating the hybrid work model to determine what is best for their business and employees. 

As a CEO, Deepesh agreed with the flexible approach and said, “Studies have shown that when flexibility is accommodated in our workplaces, employees tend to be 4.6 times more productive.” He also added that “employee engagement” can be higher in a hybrid work model. 

Reconsidering the Role of Office 

“87% of people feel disengaged at work. Lisa believes that all organizations should adopt a ROWE (Result of Work Environment) approach. Both speakers strongly agreed that leaders need to let go of bias in the workplace and nurture meaningful relationships. It is time to focus on both productivity and creativity. Also, with a hybrid work model, the opportunity to address mental health becomes amass. In a model as such, helping people at work increases, which automatically contributes to creating a better workplace. 

“The hybrid work model is allowing us to create a space for better collaboration intentionally. This can also help us reduce FOMO that most employees harbor,” added Lisa. 

Technology & the Hybrid Work Model 

As the CEO of a global hybrid solution, WorkInSync, Deepesh believes that “technology will play a significant role in implementing the hybrid work model.” Most organizations trying to adopt the hybrid work model fails when scheduling employees or managing the office space. ‘Who is going to be where and when’ is a significant challenge, and technology can be the answer to this. 

He added, “Be it scheduling employees or booking desks, the right solution will be crucial for a smooth transition.” 

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To Conclude 

A hybrid work model is all about creativity and innovation coupled with technological advancements. It is a sustainable model when implemented right. 

Watch this webinar to know more.

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