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What are Organizations trying to solve with RTO?

Original Airdate: 18th November 2022

Duration: 45 minutes

RTO, new policies, redefined goals, redesigned workplaces, and so much more are happening. To understand these trends better, we invited Facility Management mogul Dean Stanberry for our next "Back to the Future" series. 

From discussing the need to return to the office to how to select the right technology for your organization, this 45-minute fireside chat is a candid affair you can't miss. Watch the full fireside chat. 

If you have any feedback, please write to us at hello@workinsync.io. 

Points of Discussion:  

a. Problems organizations are solving with RTO

b. Workplace designs and taking a holistic approach to it 

c. Identifying the right technology 

d. Making hybrid work by rethinking work and not just the workplace itself 

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