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WorkInSync is a SaaS platform that enables seamless management of distributed teams and facilities across on-site and remote locations. It is accompanied by a simple, user-friendly mobile app with adaptive workflows for different stakeholders including, Employees, CXOs, Team Managers, Admin Heads, and HR Managers.

WorkInSync comprises 4 main modules namely, Protect, Manage, Assist and Collaborate. Each module further contains a bunch of features that allow easy management of distributed teams. These can be elaborated as:


  • Contactless Access Management
  • AI-enabled Mask Compliance Detection
  • Employee Eligibility Identification
  • Floor Occupancy Monitor
  • Mask Compliance Detection


  • Attendance Management
  • Team Planner
  • Team Notification Console
  • Compliance & Safety Management
  • Analytics Dashboard for F/S


  • Commute
  • Parking Spot Booking
  • Visitor Management


  • Flexi desking
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Cafeteria Slot Booking

The features of each module are clubbed in such a way that it makes it easier for businesses to pick according to their needs. A combination of these modules can also be opted for. To know more, we recommend you connect with one of our product experts. You can write to us at hello@workinsync.io. Alternatively, you can request a callback by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab.

The modules in WorkInSync are designed to Manage, Assist, and Collaborate with distributed teams. From a communication console to getting clarity on work schedules, the features ensure to keep you at an advantage, regardless of your location.

Features like communication console and team planner keep you informed about your teammates. From their work schedules to the preferred location, you can keep track of everything on the single dashboard. With easier communication, the collaboration also becomes seamless, regardless of your location.

WIS not only automates the desk booking system, but it also reduces errors. As a result of advanced seating strategies, this feature also helps you maintain social distancing protocols. Taking care of individual desk amenities also becomes easier with WIS.

Through the Flexi desking feature, you can prepare seating strategies in advance. With clarity on who can seat were when visiting the office, implementing social distancing in the office can become easier and seamless.

With the Floor Occupancy Dashboard, you can keep a track of the number of people occupying a floor at any given time. It also ensures that the occupancy threshold for each floor is never crossed. The analytics can be viewed on a single dashboard by the team managers and admin heads.

We offer a plethora of solutions for managing all employee transportation needs of an organization. Our SaaS solutions enable enterprises to offer safe and secure commute options to their employees while maintaining compliance and other regulatory requirements. To know more, please visit us at www.MoveInSync.com.

Follow these steps to get a contactless entry/exit to work.

  • Download the MoveInsync App
  • Register your mobile number and verify it with an OTP
  • Set-up your home and office locations
  • Give your consent to come to office
  • Submit the “Eligibility Form”
  • Click on “+” to create a new booking
  • Select login/logout time & get booking confirmation
  • Submit the COVID Declaration Form
  • Take a selfie with your mask on
  • Validate the use of Arogya Setu App
  • Generate the Digipass

This feature provides touch-free access to the office. The AI-powered system generates a unique QR-based Digipass, which ensures that you can come into the office without coming into contact with any foreign surface.

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