WorkInSync enables you to schedule and book seats

through Slack.

What Do You Get With the WorkInSync Slack App?

From the ‘Home tab’ of the WorkInSync Slack App, users can:

  • Book a seat when visiting the office
  • Create a work-from-home booking
  • Edit or cancel an existing booking
  • Find where a colleague is working from today

The WorkInSync Slack App sends:

  • Notifications when a teammate checks in and checks out

The WorkInSync Slack App updates:

  • Your status as ‘Working from Home’ or ‘Working from Office’ for better visibility to your teammates

The WorkInSync Slack App Setup Instructions

Workspace admins may have to install the WorkInSync Slack App if there are restrictions on third-party apps. Once you get permission:

Click the plus icon next to “Apps” on Slack

Search and install ‘WorkInSync’

Once installed, click on the ‘Home’ tab in the WorkInSync Slack App & click ‘Connect your Account’

Review the permission settings for the app and click on ‘Allow’

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