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How Does Our Employee Scheduling Software Work?

Employees can create their own schedules

Using WorkInSync’s employee scheduling software, employees can create their own schedules to be in the office. They can select the date and time and their choice of office.

They can also reserve a desk and parking for themselves if needed. Once they have selected all options, they can click “Create My Booking” to schedule themselves.

Employees can view the team calendar

Employees can view their colleagues’ schedules on the team calendar to find the best days to visit the office. The max overlap feature on the team calendar suggests the best days to collaborate with team members.

Managers can create schedules for their employees

WorkInSync employee scheduling software allows managers to schedule their employees. They can select employees who they want to visit the office, choose work locations and timings to create schedules. Managers can see their team’s upcoming schedules as well.
Admins can download reports

Admins can access the dashboard to view who is coming to the office and when. They can download the reports to understand the occupancy rate.
Never Be Short Staffed With WorkInSync Scheduling Software

Complete Employee Autonomy

With WorkInSync’s scheduling module, your employees have complete autonomy to decide their shift timings and work location preference. The Team Calendar provides a consolidated view of where and when colleagues are working.

Managers Can Schedule Their Teams

Managers can also create recurring schedules fortheir employees based on requirements and preferences. Admins can create office neighborhoods to allow all employees to sittogether.

Manager’s Approval Workflow

WorkInSync’s employee scheduling features allows managers’ to approve their employees’ schedules. Once an employee schedules themselves, the managers can approve the workflow, deciding who can work from home and who needs to visit the office.

Work from Anywhere

The employee scheduling module from WorkInSync allows your employees to work from a location of their preference. They can schedule themselves regardless if they want to work remotely or visit the office.

Analytics &

Admins can get a comprehensive view of employees’ working location. The employee analytics can be used to improve the office utilization without losing productivity. The reports can be downloaded for reference as well.

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What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software automates the process of creating and maintaining schedules for employees. Using software ensures that the employee scheduling process is seamless. It helps maintain productivity and efficiency. With offices across the globe adopting hybrid workplaces, employee scheduling software is necessary to ensure better employee collaboration.

Why should I get employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software has several advantages in a hybrid workplace. These include: 

  • Streamlining the scheduling process 
  • Tracking employee shifts 
  • Promoting better collaboration between employees  
  • Reducing scheduling conflicts 
  • Improving employee experience 
Will WorkInSync’s employee scheduling work for my office?

WorkInSync’s employee scheduling software works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its employees to collaborate easily. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, transforming it into a hybrid model.

Does your employee scheduling software work for both admins and employees?

WorkInSync’s employee scheduling software has various features that suit employees and admins. While employees can schedule themselves and view their colleagues’ schedules, admins can use the platform to track employee shifts. Managers can also schedule employees and give approval to their schedules.

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