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How Does Our Parking Management Software Work?

Create a grid view of the parking space

Admins can create an interactive grid of their parking space and designate car and motorcycle slots accordingly with WorkInSync.
Set rules for eligible employees

Set rules for parking slots. Designate particular parking spots for PWDs or electric vehicles. You can also set apart a few parking spaces for senior management.

Employees pick their preferred parking slots

For the days they are visiting the office, employees can see available slots that they are eligible to book and reserve for themselves.
Track parking space utilization

The parking management software from WorkInSync comes with reports and analytics. You can view the occupancy of the parking space. This insight can be used to understand parking space utilization and plan for future needs.

Simplify Managing & Reserving Parking Spots

Integrations with Third-Party Systems

WorkInSync parking management software integrates with third-party systems seamlessly. The software works well with third-party boom barrier and access management systems. The easy integrations ensure that only employees with access are allowed to park.

Interactive Grid View

WorkInSync parking management software helps create seamless office parking spaces with an interactive grid view. Admins can set rules for each parking slot. Block certain slots for physically disabled employees.

Booking Parking Space

Remove uncertainty for employees by allowing them to book a parking spot before they come to the office. Track employee’s check-in and check-out to reserve a parking spot. Assign and allocate parking spots for specific teams/employees.

Usage Analytics & Reports

Improve parking space utilization with comprehensive analytics and reports. Get a consolidated view of the parking space to avoid overcrowding. Track the number of bookings made, available free space, and the booked time slots.

Parking Management for One of the Leading Construction Companies in Switzerland.

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What is Parking Management Software?

Parking Management Software is an automated and advanced solution that allows easy management of vehicles, from entry to exit, in the office parking area. It optimizes the parking space and ensures there is efficiency in the process. It gives real-time information such as available slots, reserved parking slots, and much more.

Why do You Need Parking Management Software?

A flexible workplace is true to its meaning when each aspect of the office is managed well. With parking management software, your efforts to create a flexible workplace can become easier. Here are a few reasons you need parking management software soon. 

  • Provides employees with real-time parking slot availability status 
  • Helps avoid queues, waiting time, and other parking-related hassles 
  • Gives a holistic view of the office parking space for better usage 
  • Reduces cost with a standardized booking process 
Why WorkInSync?

WorkInSync is an all-in-one workplace management app. The parking management software is designed to make car parking easier in the office. We understand the challenges of a hybrid workplace to an office parking space and have solved each one of those with our software. You can also manage parking management, desks, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and commute.

Will WorkInSync’s parking management software work for my office?

WorkInSync’s parking management software works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its employees to collaborate easily. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, helping you adopt the flexible work model.  

Does your parking management software work for both admins and employees?

WorkInSync’s parking management software has various features that suit employees and admins. While employees can book their parking slots, admins can view the overall parking status on the dashboard. Admins can also check occupancy status and download the reports.

Need to Optimize Your Parking Space? Try WorkInSync’s Parking Management Software