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How Does Our Visitor Management Software Work?

Employees can invite their guests

Employees can invite their guests using the WorkInSync visitor management software. They can add the date and time of the visit. Employees can add personalized messages for guests as well.

Visitors can accept the invitation & access QR code

Visitors accept the invitation received, share the required information and upload any required documents. Once everything is uploaded, the visitors will get a QR code, which they can scan when entering the office. 

Visitors enter the office hassle-free

WorkInSync’s visitor management software allows the receptionist to see the list of all guests scheduled to visit for the day. When the visitor visits, the receptionist can approve the documents, assign a badge and check them in.
Track Visits & Manage Visitors Seamlessly

WorkInSync’s visitor management software gives an accurate view of who and how many visitors have come to the office. This insight can be used to understand visitor management trends and be prepared accordingly.

Invite Visitors & Make a Great First Impression

Customized Workflow

Invite multiple guests simultaneously with WorkInSync’s visitor management software. The notification shared with each guest can also be customized.


Set criteria that visitors must meet to visit the office with WorkInSync’s visitor management software. This can include proof of vaccination, photographs, and identification documents.

Photo Capture &
Digital Signing

WorkInSync’s visitor management software allows guests to capture and upload their own photos. They can sign the invitation, acknowledging their visit before receiving the QR code.


Let the team prepare to welcome the guests by adding upcoming visitors to the system. Let them know who to expect and other essential information about the visit.

Analytics &

Keep track of who has visited the office and when to ensure their safety. Get insight into visitor volume, hosts, and more. The reports can be exported with just a few clicks.

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What is visitor management software?

Visitor management software is a tool that helps organizations create and implement their visitor management policies. Most companies value their visitors and understand the significance of having a solid visitor management policy. Visitor management software is an an upgrade from the old methods of pen and paper sign-in. The entire process promotes touchless sign-in.

Why do I need visitor management software?

Implementing visitor management software helps organizations: 

  • Make a professional and polished first impression on the guests
  • Streamline the sign-in process of the visitors, removing unnecessary hurdles 
  • Enhance workplace safety by keeping track of who has visited the office and when 
  • Meet guest compliance requirements
Will WorkInSync’s visitor management software work for my office?
WorkInSync’s visitor management software works for any business that seeks flexibility and wants its visitors to feel safe when visiting their office. You can opt for a free demo to see how WorkInSync can fit at your workplace, transforming it into a flexible model.
Does your visitor management software work for both admins and employees?

WorkInSync’s visitor management software has various features that suit employees and admins. While employees can invite guests, admins can use the platform to track visitor information. Admins can also approve visits and download reports.

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