Slack App for WorkInSync

For the organizations and teams using Slack for internal communication members, WorkInSync app can be a big productivity booster


Features of WorkInSync Slack App

    1. From the ‘Home tab’ of WorkInSync Slack app, Users can
      1. Book a seat in office when they want to work from office, or create a work from home booking
      2. Edit or Cancel an existing booking
      3. Find where a colleague is working from today
    2. Alerts and Notifications
      1. WorkInSync Slack app sends you messages/notifications when a teammate checks in to the office, or from home
      2. It also lets you know when the teammates clock out
    3. Status updates
      1. WorkInSync updates your status as ‘Working from Home’ or ‘Working from office’ as you checkin for your colleagues to quickly see. 

Slack setup instructions

1. Click the plus icon next to “Apps” in your Slack
2. Search for ‘Workinsync’ and click on the ‘WorkInSync’ card
3. Once installed, click on the ‘Home’ tab in workinsync app & click ‘Connect your account’
4. On the page that opens, review the permissions that app is asking and click ‘Allow’

Your WorkInSync app is now configured and ready to use

Click this button to directly install ‘WorkInSync’ app to your Slack workspace

Add to Slack

You may have to request your workspace admin to allow installation of WorkinSync app, if they have put restrictions on users installing third party apps.