Hybrid Workplace

Your Workplace Made Simple with a Comprehensive Hybrid Workplace Solution

Remove the hassle of hybrid work and create a confident workplace. Get WorkInSync’s Hybrid Workplace Solution and empower:

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A Hybrid Workplace Tool That Works For Everyone

Facility & Workplace Managers

Allow your facilities and workplace teams to manage a hybrid workplace that suits everyone. Maintain workplace capacity and allow real estate optimization with WorkInSync.

HR Managers

Give your HR teams the WorkInSync hybrid workplace solution and let them elevate workplace experience and company culture like never before.

IT Managers

Let your IT teams manage easy integrations with existing systems. WorkInSync’s hybrid workplace solution promotes utmost data security and is GDPR compliant.

One App To Manage All Your Hybrid Workplace Needs

Manage your employees and office facilities with WorkInSync’s easy-to-use hybrid workplace solution.


Give your employees the autonomy to create their own shifts with WorkInSync’s employee scheduling module. You can also allow the managers to create schedules for their teams. Employees can book facilities like desks, parking and meals as well.


Enable employees to know who is working where with WorkInSync’s Team Calendar. Get a holistic view of employee schedules that ensure easy collaboration. You can also create office neighborhoods to give collaboration a new definition in the hybrid workplace.


Under WorkInSync’s desk management module, you can get interactive floor plans, enable hoteling and hot desking, create neighborhoods, and manage reservations. While employees can book their own desks, admins can block certain desks permanently for the senior management.

Meeting Room

Let your employees create meetings, view and block available meeting rooms, and send out calendar invites using WorkInSync’s meeting room management module. WorkInSync comes integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook to simplify the booking process.


Enable your employees to view real time availability of parking spaces in the office with WorkInSync’s parking management module. They can reserve a space from an interactive parking grid available to them both on their web and mobile devices.

Usage Analytics & Reports

Know how your office space is being utilized with comprehensive real-time dashboards and reports. The desk occupancy rate shows the number of people in the office at a given time, whereas the meeting room report shows availability and utilization.

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