Top 5 Hybrid Workplace System for Facility Managers

Published: January 20, 2022

You need to have a hybrid workplace system in place to ensure better management of the workplace. This blog highlights a list of five hybrid workplace tools you can use to optimize your workplace. 

The hybrid work arrangement combines the best bits of both an in-person and remote work setup. The result is happy employees. They are more productive, and they communicate well with their peers. Experts believe that company culture flourishes in a hybrid office. 

However, a hybrid work model needs to be deployed appropriately to be effective. And most organizations falter at this step.

The most common problems encountered while building a hybrid work setup are as follows:

  • Optimizing available real estate
  • Organizing desks and conference rooms
  • Having all the employees on the same page
  • Fostering collaboration between on-site and remote workers

So, as a facility manager, you might be keen on tackling all these problems at once. While doing this might seem hard at first glance, there are plenty of tools to make setting up a hybrid workplace system more accessible. This article will cover a few software to deploy a successful hybrid workplace setup.

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A Desk Booking Solution to Manage the Available Office Space Better 

To implement a hybrid workplace, you need to reimagine the physical space. And you need to keep in mind the reduced footfall in-office. So, you need to assess the the number of available desks and optimize their utilization in real time. This is why your hybrid workplace should integrate a desk booking feature. 

Sure, a desk booking solution allows employees working on-site to book desks. But, as a facility manager, it helps you keep track of their utilization too. Most systems come with a centralized dashboard allowing you to note where your employees are seated.

It also gives you a fair idea about their desk booking preferences. You can also track real-time desk occupancy. This helps you to remodel office seating accordingly to optimize usage.

Ensuring employees follow physical distancing norms is crucial in upholding employee safety in-office. But implementing them is not always easy. Thankfully, desk booking software makes it simpler by allowing you to make desks available according to the current guidelines.

Given its advantages, a desk booking solution is a non-negotiable when considering a hybrid workplace system for your organization.

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A Hybrid Workplace System to Plan & Manage Teams 

Managing employees’ workflows, both in the office and off it, is crucial to ensuring a hybrid workplace runs smoothly. An ideal hybrid workplace system helps you do this conveniently with the help of a team planner.

A team planner helps you keep track of employee logins. This allows you to know their work locations and availability at every step. This allows you to do two things.

One, prevent overcrowding in-office. And two, ensure that teams make the necessary provisions (like calling in the right people) for smooth operation. 

Both team leaders and employees can decide what is best and create a schedule that works for all. In such a case, you’re saved the trouble of allotting specific slots altogether, thanks to a hybrid workplace system.

Seamless Communication Channels to Facilitate Collaboration

Without proper communication, a hybrid workplace system is going to fall flat. Why? Because of the disconnect between employees in the office and those working from home. 

During COVID, many organizations that trialed a hybrid setup temporarily faced this exact problem. And to combat it, they deployed a barrage of communication apps. For reference, in a survey, 41% of respondents revealed they were communicating on too many apps, stressing them out.

Employees need a hybrid workplace system with messaging and project management integrations. This provides a single interface for all office-related activities, including project planning, managing schedules, and collaborating in a hybrid environment.

The good thing is many hybrid workplace systems come with these integrations built into them. So, all you have to do is find a suitable communication app. 

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A Hybrid Workplace System to Facilitate and Manage Meetings

Organizations spend over 15% of their time collectively on meetings. Yes! And that number has increased by 25.3% during the pandemic, thanks to remote work.

Safe to say, facilitating and managing meetings with a hybrid workplace system has never been this important. Additionally, meetings have changed fundamentally during this period.

In a hybrid setup, video conferencing might be the preferred method of meetings. So, a meeting room booking system must help employees book conference rooms and send virtual invites to the rest of the team. Most meeting room booking software integrated with hybrid workplace systems, for instance, use Google or Outlook Calendar for this.

The software must also facilitate seamless meetings over in-office and virtual modes so that all the team members are on the same page. This often requires having a stable internet connection on both ends and an excellent audio-visual setup. Most organizations have dedicated staff to take care of this.

Hence, a hybrid workplace system must notify the team immediately when a meeting is booked. This will further ensure that there is no lag in arranging these services before a meeting.

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A Hybrid Workplace System for Touchless Access Management

Given employees come into the office infrequently in the hybrid work setup, automating access is manually tricky, and doing it takes up time. This is where a hybrid workplace system can help.

These days, hybrid workplace systems come with in-built touchless access management software that coordinates with employee schedules and grants access automatically through digipass verification. This reduces the need for sanitization of multi-use touchpoints in shared spaces, a common way to reduce the spread of the virus through contaminated surfaces.

Transition to the future of work with an effective hybrid workplace system

Implementing a hybrid setup can come with various challenges, but you can successfully tackle a large chunk of them, thanks to a hybrid workplace system. From desk booking to facilitating communication, a hybrid workplace system effectively makes every sphere of workplace management easier. All while ensuring a seamless in-office to remote work experience and employee health safety.

Are you looking for a partner to guide you through the transition? WorkInSync offers a hybrid workplace system that integrate well with your current systems. 

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