Why do Meeting Rooms Have an Increased Demand?

Published: March 25, 2022

Meeting rooms have become indispensable to company-wide collaboration across hybrid work models. This blog explores the reasons for the increasing demand for meeting rooms . 

Making collaboration work in a modern-day hybrid workplace requires flexibility, new norms, technology, and schedules. Everything should suit both remote and on-site workers. Moreover, the evolving world of work has got the employees looking for meeting rooms for collaboration. 

In a hybrid setting, meeting rooms bridge the gap between in-office and remote employees. 

No wonder many believe that the right set-up for a hybrid working model begins with having enough meeting spaces.

Studies reveal a 73% increase in the meeting room demand within flexible office spaces. Using a dedicated working space is a critical professional move, providing the perfect backdrop to take vital business decisions.

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Meeting Rooms Are Becoming More Important Than You Might Think 

These stats show the trends that influence the increased demand for conference rooms. 

a. There is a steady increase in people returning to offices, growing nearly 87% towards the end of 2021.

b. Meeting room bookings increased by 3X in the last quarter of 2021. This indicates the need for in-person collaboration.

c. On average, about 60% of employees come in the middle of the week. This has resulted in about 70% more meeting room bookings.

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Why Is There an Increase in The Demand for Meeting Rooms?

With offices opening up, organizations aren’t going to hold their client meetings virtually at home. Nor will they set up appointments at a coffee shop, no matter how relaxed and trendy it seems. Although video conferencing will be an essential part of our workplace, conference rooms will still be the first choice.

1. Meeting Rooms Help Make a Good First Impression

Companies leverage elegant and comfortable meeting rooms to present an excellent first impression of their business. By using a meeting room that is perfectly set up, you can look professional.  

Companies are focusing their expenditure on redesigning their office space. They are elevating their existing meeting rooms because they know it can even help them earn new clients.

2. They Facilitate Better Collaboration

As workplaces witness more people on-site, employees need meeting rooms for face-to-face interactions. They need to be able to interact with remote employees simultaneously. Employees are getting eager to work on-site, resulting in an increased demand for conference rooms.

This is mainly because meeting rooms offer a more professional and convenient set-up. It is a place where important decisions are made, ideas are shared and better collaboration is promoted. Moreover, having a quiet environment with minimal distractions helps the team focus and be more productive.

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This has also resulted in a greater demand for rented meeting rooms. Employees get the flexibility to work and collaborate when needed and access on-demand working space.

3. Meeting Rooms Offer Privacy

Meeting spaces are more in demand because they offer more privacy than any other setting could. Unlike a public setting, private conference rooms are carefully designed to keep the business matter private and confidential.

Organizations can ensure the safety of sensitive information without worrying about someone eavesdropping.

4. They are Safe and Clean

The post-pandemic period has got everyone worried about their health and safety standards. Then, having a safe and clean space to conduct various business meetings has never mattered as much as it does now. 

Now, meeting spaces not only offer an excellent professional set-up. But companies are taking extra care to ensure better adherence to safety protocols. Additional focus is being placed on cleanliness for a safe work environment.

5. Meeting Rooms Offer Plenty of Space 

As offices are slowly opening to their total capacity, the need for bigger space to conduct their business meetings arises. Ideally, meeting spaces are quite large and offer plenty of space. According to the number of people attending the meeting, businesses can occupy a conference room to accommodate everyone.

Whether brainstorming or a meeting a client, using a meeting room is more comfortable compared to a public setting.

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6. They Ensure Convenient Scheduling 

Another factor contributing to the growing demand for meeting rooms is the ease of using and booking these conference rooms. Using and finding available meeting rooms has become convenient with meeting room booking software. It allows for better space usage and ensures that the teams request a room as per their requirement. 

As more companies adopt a centralized booking process post-pandemic, space management is much easier. Moreover, increased demands for these conference rooms make optimizing these spaces critical. 

7. Meeting Rooms Offer Additional Amenities 

With the hybrid work setting, companies need better technology and connectivity to keep the remote employees in the loop. And meeting rooms allow that to happen effortlessly. 

With seamless internet and Wi-Fi connectivity, remote employees can instantly collaborate with the in-office staff. 

In addition, a dedicated internet connection can help you keep your communication secure. Conference rooms also offer your teams additional office support services. This may include printers, projectors, and other technical equipment. With all of these amenities available, it is not unusual for employees to prefer conference rooms. 

To Wrap Up

Given the statistics and such great benefits, it is no wonder that meeting rooms are getting back in demand. They help your organization look more professional. They also allow for a peaceful and productive environment to collaborate and share ideas.

As more employees get back on-site, optimizing the conference rooms to facilitate better collaboration can be challenging. 

However, you can always rely on the meeting room booking software from WorkInSync to make this experience smoother. We offer solutions including find and book a room, schedule a meeting, occupancy level and centralized dashboard. 

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