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Published: December 1, 2022

With employees returning to the office, the commute side of our business is witnessing a renewed breath of life. Keeping in mind employee experience, and the technological expertise that we bring in, we have decided to unify our products under one umbrella – MoveInSync. Here is an official announcement. 

Looking Down the Memory Lane 

It was 2019, and MoveInSync as a company was soaring high. We were the world’s largest employee commute and space management platform, growing 15% year-on-year. Our commute solution, ETS, was gaining a lot of traction. 

With over 350K users and a 4.5-star rating across 500,000 downloads on App Store and Play Store, MoveInSync was an employee favorite. 

However, the pandemic changed everything. With employees forced to work from home, our commute business saw a 97% reduction in business overnight. 

But our space management platform, WorkInSync, started seeing a lot of success. We focussed our energies and investment on it and expanded to 20 new countries across the globe. 

As a platform that allowed organizations to manage flexible workplaces, WorkInSync became the highest-rated software in its category on platforms such as Gartner and G2. We won multiple awards, including G2’s “Best Space Management Software 2022.”

By the middle of 2022, life was starting to return to normalcy. And organizations started realizing the benefits of flexible work. As employees started returning to the office, we realized we had two complimentary products.

We returned to the drawing board to understand how to serve our users better. And we devised a plan to unify all of our products under one umbrella. 

To create a brand that improves employee experience – from door to desktop. 


Employees can now use MoveInSync to book a cab or shuttle from home to the office or a parking spot if they drive. They can book desks and conference rooms, reserve meals, and invite visitors. All from one single app. 

This is made possible by a combination of different products built by MoveInSync.

What Do Our Customers Now Get?



MoveInSync ETS

Employee Transport Solution (ETS) is an end-to-end SaaS solution that automates your employee office commute, reduces transport costs and risks, and increases employee satisfaction. It includes features such as scheduling, routing, tracking, billing, safety, security, compliance, and reports.



MoveInSync Shuttle

MoveInSync Shuttle is an end-to-end SaaS solution that enables you to run high-capacity buses and shuttles along fixed routes. It includes booking, live tracking, compliance, and billing features.



MoveInSync Rentlz

Rentlz is a SaaS solution that seamlessly lets you manage your corporate car rentals. Be it airport transfers or client visits, allow your employees to request a cab from your partners. Features such as live tracking, billing, and integrated payment gateways give you complete visibility of your transport operations, further letting you reduce costs.



WorkInSync employee experience

WorkInSync is space management software for flexible workplaces. It includes desk booking, employee scheduling, meeting room management, parking management, visitor management, and wayfinding. 



Get to work

GetToWork offers bespoke end-to-end multi-modal employee transport solutions for your enterprise. This includes our proprietary Saas technology, fleet supply, on-ground operations, and a centralized command center.

Here’s to the Road Ahead

While we are excited about this change, we understand one of the questions you might be having is how this might impact you. We want to assure you that nothing changes on the ground. We will continue building and selling our products individually and collectively as needed. Our investment in them remains the same. Our commitment to you remains the same. 

We are still as dedicated. Maybe even better. 

MoveInSync has been committed to its clients for the last 13 years. We are known for our integrity. With all our products under one umbrella, we look forward to serving you even better in the future. 

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