73% of CEOs are Prioritizing Flexible Work Models...Are You?

  • Published On: December 03, 2020
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  • Updated On: August 30, 2021
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Revealed by a survey conducted by Mint-Bain India, the number shows that more leaders are wanting to opt for flexible work models. Or commonly known as the hybrid workplace model

The past few years have witnessed a growth in the concept of remote working. As pandemic related lockdowns ensued, organizations adopted this model. Whether remote working will become the norm moving forward is anybody's guess. A Salesforce survey revealed that 45% of the 3500 respondents wanted to return to the office. A BCG report quoted that 37% of companies are expecting 25% of their employees to work in a hybrid model

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With the ability to move seamlessly between onsite and remote work, the hybrid / flexi workplace model has been gaining a lot of traction recently. 

However, creating and managing a hybrid workplace model requires significant planning and coordination across multiple teams and employees. Some of the major challenges include: 

  • Identifying the employees working on-site and working from home 
  • Complying with COVID-19 regulatory and social distancing norms 
  • Optimizing office assets to easily accommodate employee rotation 
  • Maintaining employee productivity 

Technology will play a central role in enabling hybrid workplaces. Workplace digitization will bring all the concerned stakeholders onto a common platform and ensure seamless planning and coordination at a large scale. A digital workplace platform will provide CXOs with the required visibility on their workforce operations and enable better coordination. 

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flexible work models

A digitized hybrid workplace will not only improve employee productivity but will also lead to savings in real-estate costs including rent, operations & maintenance costs, etc. It will also increase organizational flexibility and make it resilient to future disruptions.

This is where WorkInSync comes to play. A simple SaaS product that enables organizations to implement a digitized hybrid workplace. “One app to manage all your workplace needs”, WorkInSync has been adopted by some of the leading names in BFSI, infrastructure, banking, and media industries. 

Be it our workspace management solution or contactless access management offering, WorkInSync enables a  hybrid workplace model, seamlessly

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Opt for a free demo today and witness these workplaces transforming features yourself. 

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