Vaccination Drives: How to Automate It with WorkInSync

Published: June 8, 2021

Okay, we all need to agree with one thing- anxiety right now is high. And owing to this anxiety- stepping out of the house seems like a challenge. Masks, gloves, sanitizers, and anxiety have become our constant companions when going out. But not everything is dark and gloomy. Over the last week, there has been a 33% decline in the total number of cases across the country. A part of it is owed to the massive vaccination drives organized by corporates.

Most organizations, big and small, have been benevolent enough to undertake vaccination drives for their employees and dependents. That, we have realized, is the only way to keep the workforce safe and focused on what matters, i.e., WORK. However, most of the workplace drives have been far from optimal.

Vaccination Drives…Bohot hard…

To begin with, there is a lot of variability in both demand and supply. Last week, employees who had shown interest got themselves vaccinated or caught COVID by the time the organization announced the drive. The supply of vaccines is hard as well as inconsistent.

As organizations partner with large medical institutions, they are getting vaccines in small batches of inconsistent size. It could be 500 today, 50 tomorrow. With a short lead time, organizations have to scramble many resources to ensure employees are informed, travel arrangements are made, and all the reserved slots are utilized.

Corporates are seen grappling with a lot of form filling, spreadsheets, WhatsApp groups. Still, the employees are dissatisfied because of chaos, lack of information, long waiting times, and even multiple trips to the office (or vaccine camp). It’s hard, and the anxiety that everyone wears up their sleeve these days makes it even harder.

It’s a bird… it’s a plane…it’s…

WorkInSync. We have always stood to help the workforce focus on what matters. Every time our team sees a distraction or a significant loss in productivity for the organizations, we jump right in and figure out a solution.

Vaccination drives seem to have become an obstacle for most. And it’s not a one-time thing. Unless the entire population is fully vaccinated with the second dose, the efforts won’t go away anytime soon. Facilities teams at corporations want to provide flexibility as well as transparency. They want to expand the scope of vaccination to all near and dear ones while reducing the risk of overcrowding. They want to limit the numbers but also want to avoid wastage.

Last week our team enabled a large European bank to carry out their inoculation drive efficiently and smoothly – across Pune, Chennai, and Bengaluru. WorkInSync already provides a solution to manage their premises and helps them offer a hybrid workplace to employees.

The new vaccine camp module allows employees to book a slot at their convenience quickly. The employees can then also book an office-provided commute or a parking slot, both powered by MoveInSync. WorkInSync’s mask detection and zero-hardware-based entry management ensure that everyone coming to the camp follows government guidelines.

The organizing team finds it really easy to have a clear tab on demand. They can configure the slots every day and adjust them in real-time as per the varying supply of vaccines.

WorkInSync already offers dashboards and reports out of the box for employers to know how the show runs across different offices in different cities. No wonder one of the users commented that they found it “as easy as booking a movie ticket.” A seamless experience at vaccine camp brings a smile that kills the anxiety while the vaccine takes care of the virus.

When are you due?

We sincerely hope organizations can leverage the vaccine camp feature to get their workforce back to their productive best. We strongly feel this is a solid first step in getting the employees to return to the office. For more information about using the vaccine camp feature for your organization, feel free to write to us at

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